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Oh Pancake Tree, Oh Pancake Tree!

The holidays are all about loosening the belt and filling up on the large amount of sweet treats on offer. Here at The Hub, it is no exception! Today's cooking delight is a Christmas Tree Pancake Stack!

Katie was so super excited to get started today! Who wouldn't be though?! Our Support Staff Beth and Joyce were happy to guide Katie through the process. First we had to gather our ingredients and be careful to mix them together without making too much mess! Then we had to try and make pancakes in different sizes. This seemed a little tricky, but Katie was up for the challenge! Once they had all the different-sized pancakes Katie stacked them on top of each other with some icing in between and sprinkles on top!

The Hub smelt so good! Everyone enjoyed eating the Pancake Tree and was happy to share them with Beth and Joyce.


Trent also made a Pancake Tree Stack with Bella and Georgia! He followed the recipe and added his own flair to the project. How creative! Marshmallows and raspberry lollies sat around the Pancake Tree and some icing sugar dusting for decoration.

Trent brought up his creation to the TDSS Staff upstairs! We were all very excited to share in his creation. It was delicious!! Thanks, Trent!