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Tyrone Austin has been working in the Disability and Aged care industries for over 18 years. Starting TDSS has been the only option Tyrone could take, to be able to supply the kind of support services that have until now, been unavailable.

Daryn Mcphee has been working in the Disability and Youth Services industry for the last 7 years, having worked with high dependent participants and wards of the state in NSW. Daryn came on board in 2022 to help make a difference in the Client Services role.

Sam MacKinnon has been working in Tech and Administration industry for the past several years, Sam has come on board to make a difference in the Disability space. Having grown up around those with barrier's he has seen too many occasions where the rights of those with disabilities have been treated priorly and unfairly and Sam wants to help make this a thing of the past.

Sophia Celeste has been working in the Disability industry for the last 5 years, Working with high dependent participants with psychosocial, Physical Barriers and Behavioural barriers. Sophia aims to help increase the functional ability and social engagement of participants to increase the quality of their life.

Marg Oliver has been working in the care industry for the past 10 years, working in disability and aged care. Marg is a qualified and highly regarded seamstress and tailor who has come on board to be a trainer in The Hub and has recently become our receptionist. Marg hopes to make a difference in the quality of care our Participants obtain and help to increase the longevity of this support.


Tyrone Austin Director


Tyrone Austin



Sophia Celeste

Hub Manager


Daryn Mcphee

Client Services

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Sam MacKinnon

Client Services


Marg Oliver