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Available for New Participants


  • First Aid & CPR

  • COVID Vaccination 


  • Physical Impairment

  • Intellectual Impairment

  • Hearing Impaired

  • Mealtime Management

  • Speech Language Impairment


Camping, hiking, anything outdoors, concerts or shows, anything craft-related or DIY, skincare and beauty, friends, family, pets.

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"Gday gday, I am Sarah Sinclair a 23 year old female. I am in love with living life to the fullest potential, making core memories and making the most of everything I can. I have struggled personally in the past but have worked on myself and my mindset to try share the positivity that I now feel, I love making people feel truely cared for and supported, giving them different perspectives when appropriate and projecting happiness anywhere I can. I got into support care for these reasons and eventually hope to add mental health study to my list of certifications to further help and support the communities that need it most."

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