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The Hub - Brisbane

The Hub is a specially designed space where participants can partake in programs designed to increase social engagement, fine motor skills and independence. We run programs weekly but are also available for private sessions. Participants are welcome to join with their TDSS support worker or be supported by our experienced support staff. Our goal at The Hub is to encourage participants to express themselves, learn new skills and be creative.

To sign up please fill out The Hub Referral Form.

For more information email us at or call The Hub on 0420 475 814

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Arts & Craft

The Art Space has an expansive range of activities including sculpture work, print making, jewelry making and painting. The Art Space gives participants the opportunity to express themselves and provide relaxation.

Art Class
Sewing, Knitting and Crochet

Sewing Space in incorporating more basic life skills in the participants lives, touching more on basics of sewing 101, beginners sewing, hand stitching, blanket stitching, crocheting and knitting.

The Sewing Space is a great way for participants to get their cognitive minds thinking and to also use their fine motor skills. Get creative and craft and have fun with different ways of sewing!

sewing blanket

The Pamper Corner is set up for participants to enjoy some down time and pampering. Participants can enjoy getting their nails done, use face masks and enjoy some relaxing down time.

Face Masks
Sensory Space

Our sensory space is filled with different tools to help participants relax and self regulate. We have a session each week where participants can create their own sensory tools to give ownership and assist in sharing their creativity.

Antistress Sensory Toy

Hospitality offers our participants the basic skills of cooking, preparing food, safe practices of food handling, baking and budgeting. Hospitality is a part of The Hub to increase participants independence in the kitchen and to help with the fundamentals of finances for groceries.

Participants are asked to bring a food safe container so they can take home their creations. All cooking necessities and ingredients are supplied by TDSS.

Cooking Ingredients
Music & Dance

The music Space has an expansive range of activities including singing, making music, writing songs, dancing and music appreciation. We dive into Analytical music Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Music Therapy.

Playing music with family

Experience the joy of gardening in The Hub where we teach basic gardening skills using a variety of plants and ways to grow. Grow your green thumb today!

School Garden
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